Friday, 11 December 2015

Fake HD Cameras come under the spotlight

Online auction sites are full of tremendous claims regarding camera specifications but the reality is that webcams and CCTV cameras rarely offer the performance they claim. Knowing the true specification of your camera has never been an easy task but that is about to change.

One camera we purchased from the popular eBay site claiming to be Full HD 1080p and offering a Lux of just 0.01 turns out to be nothing more than Standard definition and a daytime Lux of an amazing 10. That means that not only is the picture quality just 25% of what you think you've ordered but you would only view any action in good daylight and you have little chance of catching the true action when you need to.

Here at Easylife we have become increasingly frustrated with deceptive marketing techniques and the mis-selling of CCTV cameras, so we've decided to do something about it. Visitors to our online webcam site,, can now check their webcams for free.

Here is an example of what you can expect to see when you connect a poor quality CCTV webcam.

At Easylife we recommend only high quality CCTV cameras. Choose wisely! Here is how it should look.

Test your CCTV camera or webcam here

Test your entire system performance here

Services include CCTV camera or HD video source in a fully flexible, in-browser environment.

Free sign-up allows you to get started straight away and automatically stores your settings for when you return. CCTV Services with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is now fully operational with Chrome and our newly created series of apps Cloud Video Recording (CVR) launched fully on December 8th 2015 and optimization of the services is ongoing.

Easylife is a professional video interface that allows you to share your webcam in a peer-to-peer environment which means there is no central server. If you are looking to chat securely with friends, create a broadcast quality peer to peer communication link between a professional camera or simply the camera built into your mobile phone then we are the service for you.

Here's what you can do at

  • Create a complete CCTV monitoring system
  • Monitor your CCTV room on another computer anywhere in the world
  • Automatically record movement video to the cloud

  • Broadcast Full HD from your phone camera on the internet
  • Create a broadcast quality link between reporter and studio
  • Create a video link between your satellite receiver and computer with a browser
  • Create a video link using the XDS4K consoles from a lounge to a bedroom

  • Capture the video from your computer screen and transmit it to anyone’s browser
  • Add your webcam as an overlay
  • Share ground-breaking medical achievements with participants anywhere in the world on a real-time basis

  • Conduct one to one training sessions with your webcam
  • Share your screen with the other member
  • Communicate on a one-one basis

Because some browsers do not fully support peer to peer video communication we currently recommend the use of Chrome or our supporting apps. (Peer2Peer is a fast developing medium and this is expected to change at a rapid pace). is an operation of iMedia Communications Ltd.

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