Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Give your webcam a .com address

For many of us a webcam is like a mirror broadcasting ourselves to the world. It allows us to interact with an audience in a more personal way than writing alone. It means you can talk face-to-face with family and loved ones that are too far away to visit. It's a way of expressing ourselves and connecting with people.

“Your webcam is now more powerful
than you could ever imagine”

Webcams have, without doubt, become significantly more popular and can be found built in to most laptops and computer monitors. Even your mobile phone and tablet have a built-in camera that can be used as a webcam.

Easylife has launched a new service that means your webcam can have an instant domain name. Yes, you read that right, you can give your webcam its very own URL domain name just like www.easylife.com/mycamera. You do not need to install any fancy hardware or download any apps, in fact, all you have to do is open your web browser and visit easylife.com.

Shawn Downey, the Managing Director at iMedia Communications Ltd., leads the team responsible for developing Easylife. He explains “We have set about using new technology to make life easy for everybody, and the services that Easylife can now offer are truly stunning. You can use it to create a smart CCTV system that notifies you if any of your connected cameras detects movement. You can use it to video chat with friends and family. You can use it to set up a teleconference. You can use it to live stream yourself or your desktop to an audience. The possibilities are endless!"

Getting started with Easylife is easy, simply visit easylife.com and choose the service you wish to use. It will then automatically detect any connected cameras and present you with a preview. Pick the one you want and you are ready to go.

Easylife is set for a full release at the end of the summer (pending several patent applications with the Patent office) but the service is ready to go now using the Google Chrome browser. You can try out the service by visiting the website easylife.com.

Easylife.com is an operation of iMedia Communications Ltd.

Permission is granted to reproduce this press release in its entirety.

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