Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Microsoft Edge goes all webcam friendly

Webcam technology has progressed dramatically over the past 10 years. What were once small cheap devices with relatively poor picture quality have remained small and cheap but now boast a picture quality better than a traditional DVD player.

Most of us have purchased a webcam or have one already fitted to our mobile device or laptop. It’s great to know we can use it with Skype to hold one to one conversations with our friends, wherever they may be on the internet. You can even use your webcam to login to windows. 

Recent advancements in web technology have allowed us to make even better use of our webcams. Not only can we join our friends in conversation, but we can now watch over our loved ones from another room and keep an eye on the house when you are away from home. All of this can be achieved without the need to download apps or programs.

"Making it all possible"

What web technology is it that makes all this possible? It's called HTML5, and it is the latest and most advanced internet standard yet. It allows your web browser to interact with your computers hardware like never before. In fact, it can see pretty much everything that is connected to your computer, your screens, your sound devices, your webcams and even your hard drives. It does this in a way that leaves you in total control of your privacy and security by allowing to choose what hardware it can access and share.

"Unlocking the potential of your webcam" 

Making use of HTML5, unlocks the full potential of your webcam, in a simple and easy to use environment. It interacts with your connected audio and video devices, such as your webcam, and allows you to instantly start chatting, streaming or monitoring, right from within your web browser.

Invite your friends for a chat or start a teleconference with your business colleagues. With features such as billing controls, file sharing, desktop streaming and support for multiple users, you could even set up a one-to-one training service.

You can add IP cameras, USB cameras or HDMI cameras to create a comprehensive CCTV monitoring suite and keep an eye on your house when you are away. It can be configured to automatically start recording when the cameras detect movement, and then upload those recordings to the cloud where they can viewed at any time, from anywhere. You can also use your webcam as a baby monitor and watch over your child from anywhere, using your mobile device or laptop.

Easylife is set for a full release at the end of the summer (pending several patent applications with the Patent office) but the service is ready to go on the 6th Aug 2015 on Edge, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can try out the service by visiting the website is an operation of iMedia Communications Ltd.

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