Tuesday, 18 August 2015

CCTV is now available to everybody with a computer

Easylife is a service that allows you to use your computers webcam as a CCTV camera. It provides you with a whole host of security focused features including movement detection, automatic recording, local storage and cloud storage for recordings, automatic detection of connected cameras and more.

It also allows you to monitor your CCTV feeds from another location. In the past this has been a complicated thing, as it was normally required for both machines to know each others IP address as well as having specific ports opened. This created unnecessary security vulnerabilities and placed it out of reach of the average customer. The Easylife service makes use of peer identification technology, which eliminates traditional firewall problems when computers try to connect to each other directly. Shawn Downey, the Managing Director at iMedia Communications Ltd., explains "Our peer identification technology works entirely from within your web browser, and because your browser has the ability to share encrypted input and output information these problems become a thing of the past, it works automatically”.

He goes on to explain that “the service is free for anyone to use, but also has a number of subscription options allowing for a more robust, feature packed service, if and when required. Making use of HTML5 means that everything can be done from within the browser, no need to download or install any programs, you simply go to easylife.com and get stuck in. Support for all the major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, will be rolled out in the coming months, so no matter what device or operating system you use, Easylife will be there for you.”

Theft of personal details and credit card information are concerns that we take very seriously at Easylife, which is why all your information is encrypted using AES 128 bit technology and stored on a secure server. Your video and CCTV feeds are also encrypted during the peer-to-peer connection, as are any recordings you make.

Account security is also a high priority, so Easylife uses the OpenID standard to handle logging in to your account. With Google and Microsoft as two of the founding members of the OpenID standard, you can rest assured that the security of your account is as good as it gets.

Easylife is set for a full release at the end of the summer (pending several patent applications with the Patent office) but the service is ready to go now using the Google Chrome browser. You can try out the service by visiting the website easylife.com.

Easylife.com is an operation of iMedia Communications Ltd.

Permission is granted to reproduce this press release in its entirety.

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